Inventory management exercise

UPDATE: Hilariously, our e-commerce plug-in has stopped working, so it's currently impossible to buy anything! If you can't wait for this to be sorted, please e-mail your order to info (at) antigenrecords (dot) com and I will sort it out personally. Thanks for your patience. Welcome to the antigen records winter sale. There's 50% off everything* in the webstore until the end of January!

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Mick Squalor on ITV news

In a desperate week for British journalism, Mick Squalor talks toilet on the ITV news tonight. This image has not been photoshopped. Sadly, this really happened.

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Fighting Music mini-tour

Rory and Ned follow up the launch of new album Fighting Music with run of live dates in the South East. This is another great opportunity to witness the trendsetting dance moves of Ned Rundell. On 7 July, he treated the audience at the Oak to some obviously well-practised white boy twerking. His mum looked a bit concerned, but the old men at the bar loved it.

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