Sutari and Dead Rat Orchestra – Free Folk in Brexit Britain

Fans of music made with egg whisks and meat cleavers, a summer of fun awaits you! Crazy cake-baking close harmony folk trio Sutari will be exercising their right of establishment under Part 3 Title IV Chapter 2 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, to perform for us in July on the Free Folk in Brexit Britain tour, with our hairy chums Dead Rat Orchestra.

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Gaffa Tape Sandy Vs GDPR

It's difficult to know what has been the high point of this week so far: making our website GDPR compliant or the arrival of Meat Head - the new single by garage rock power trio Gaffa Tape Sandy. It was close, but it's impossible to get bored with GDPR, right? So why not head to the antigen site and check out our very lengthy privacy policy or the double opt-in security feature on our newsletter sign-up page. If that hasn't sated your appetite for excitement, Meat Head will be available digitally on 29 June 2018, with a 7" single to follow in August. The 7" will be backed with fan-favourite Beehive, which has become the second most popular song we've released on Spotify (after Dreams by SuperGlu). Both tracks were recorded and mixed by the exceptionally talented Mr George Perks. And here's a preview of the great sleeve art by Emily Allen.

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