Webstore offline

Webstore offline 26th January 2018 Apologies to everyone who attempted to take advantage of our January sale and was unable to buy anything, because of problems with the webstore. When the e-commerce plug-in updated, some of the template files we use proved to be incompatible with the new version of the plug-in. A fix is on its way. For those who can’t wait, stock is available at Discogs or at Amazon (if you want to give £3.53 in seller fees to a struggling multinational that can hardly afford to pay its taxes). We will be running a February half-price sale of old stock, which will...

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Inventory management exercise

UPDATE: Hilariously, our e-commerce plug-in has stopped working, so it's currently impossible to buy anything! If you can't wait for this to be sorted, please e-mail your order to info (at) antigenrecords (dot) com and I will sort it out personally. Thanks for your patience. Welcome to the antigen records winter sale. There's 50% off everything* in the webstore until the end of January!

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