Henry Homesweet’s Essential Chip Mix 2013

It’s that time of year again. Time for Henry Homesweet’s annual micromusic mixtape of all things 8bit and direct from the chip. The Essential Chip Mix 2013 has arrived, featuring Flying Lotus, ThermalBear, Sabrepulse, Unicorn Kid and 50 more chipmusic-inspired cuts, effortlessly segued into one and a half hours of listening pleasure. Still available: Henry Homesweet – Palm Trance CD. His classic old-school chiptune debut, described by New Yorker magazine as “the aural equivalent of spin art” and featuring the anthem Simple Pleasures. Henry Homesweet – Enter 5D CD. The album that took the Henry Homesweet signature sound in to previously unexplored psychedelic realms, incorporating elements of…

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Friday night festive fun

We’re going out with a bang… or more accurately with ridiculously action-packed Friday night of light entertainment, courtesy of some of the biggest names on the antigen roster. The rural backwater of East Anglia is the only place to be, as Dead Rat Orchestra return to Colchester Arts Centre for their annual Christmas show with Danish oddball Goodiepal. Support is provided by Lee Ashcroft. Also in Colchester, the mighty Dingus Khan take their onstage antics to Tribal. Further east, Rory and Ned return to Ipswich for a one-off show at the Steamboat.In Norwich, Henry Homesweet makes his newly adopted hometown debut with…

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I left a message for ya

Poor Tom Armstrong… We have kept him in indentured servitude for the last month, producing artwork for a top secret new project, in conditions that would shame a Korean animation workshop. Denied access to sunlight and fuelled only by the thinnest of gruel, he has produced a pictorial representation of the lyrics to the new antigen Christmas single. In keeping with our slack attitude to deadlines, this will be released in March or April or sometime. Update: Or possibly March or April 2015.

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