SuperGlu on Radio One

We bumped into our showbiz pal, the radio celebrity Huw Stephens, as we stumbled out of Reading Festival on Sunday night. And, although no cash exchanged hands, he was kind enough to play two live SuperGlu tracks on his Introducing show on Radio One! Coincidence? You decide.

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SuperGlu fashion faux pas filmed by the BBC

Embarrassment for Ben and Krista of SuperGlu, as they turn up for the band's headlining show at Reading Festival wearing the same t-shirt. It's a fashion faux pas they won't forget in a hurry, as it was filmed by the BBC.

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Remembering the pigeons

On the 100th anniversary of George Butterworth’s death, we would like you to take time to remember the pigeons who worked so hard to win the 2015 George Butterworth Prize for composition, only to have the credit stolen by Nathaniel Robin Mann in one of the 21st century’s most blatant acts of inter-species cultural appropriation. Mann claimed the award for composing Pigeon Whistles – a series of live improvisations created entirely by a flock of enslaved pigeons in 2013. On receiving the award, Mann said, “It’s a great honour to receive the George Butterworth Prize. I have chosen to share…

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