Nathaniel Robin Mann – first live outing for SF Cody

Nathaniel Robin Mann is back on the road, with three dates supporting Total Fiction, a new project by Jeremy Young (Sontag Shogun), filmmaker Paul Clipson and pianist Shinya Sugimoto. Nathan will be performing new material from his forthcoming album, based on the life and antics of Wild West showman and early pioneer of manned flight, Samuel Franklin Cody.

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Remembering the pigeons

On the 100th anniversary of George Butterworth’s death, we would like you to take time to remember the pigeons who worked so hard to win the 2015 George Butterworth Prize for composition, only to have the credit stolen by Nathaniel Robin Mann in one of the 21st century’s most blatant acts of inter-species cultural appropriation. Mann claimed the award for composing Pigeon Whistles – a series of live improvisations created entirely by a flock of enslaved pigeons in 2013. On receiving the award, Mann said, “It’s a great honour to receive the George Butterworth Prize. I have chosen to share…

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Woodland Recordings at 50

We must offer our hearty congratulations and a big shout-out to fellow label Woodland Recordings, who release a new ultra limited edition box-set of five CDRs, in exceptionally elaborate packaging, to celebrate their 50th release. 50 - the beautiful physical object - is already sold out, but you can still download the entire audio content for the absolute bargain price of 5 euros from Bandcamp.

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