Nathaniel Mann in Xingu Province

Nathaniel Mann sends his greetings from the Amazon rainforest, where he has been taking part in Musicians in Residence Brazil – a massive jolly, funded by the British Council and the PRS Foundation. He has been working in Mato Grosso with the State Orchestra and at the Instituto Homem Brasileiro (the Institute for the Brazilian Man).

The residency has also taken him deep into Xingu National Park (near Cuiabá), where he has been recording music with the Wauja indigenous community, for whom music plays an integral part of society and culture.

Before travelling to South America to top up his tan, Nathan told the PRS Foundation, “It will be an extraordinary privilege to engage with the diverse musical cultures and histories of Brazil. I hope to open a musical dialogue which assists in amplifying the voices of the Wauja community, and eventually widens that dialogue to reach entirely new audiences. The works we create will explore the interconnectedness of traditional rites, music and the natural environment, exploring both Wauja and British musical traditions; all interwoven with more pressing contemporary themes of power and agency.”