Sons of Joy, Sealionwoman and BangStick at Ronnie’s Bar, McGintys in Ipswich

We are thrilled to announce a very special live concert at Ronnie's Bar, upstairs at PJ McGintys in Ipswich. This may be the last show we promote at McGintys, as the landlord, Veronica Chambers, is leaving at the end of August. She has played a major role supporting bands and promoters in Ipswich over the last 3 years. Her open-minded attitude to music has seen the venue play host to everyone from Ed Sheeran to John Bowers.

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Various Artists – Caveat Emptor FREE with all orders

Our brand new compilation CD is out now, with 19 tracks by popular recording artists, including John Callaghan, Sons of Joy and The Waxing Captors. It also features exclusive collaborations: Henry Homesweet faces off against chip-tune legend Sabrepulse and These Are End Times perform two tracks with Daniel Merrill of Dead Rat Orchestra.

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