Inventory management exercise

We have a massive programme of releases planned for 2018 and the antigen mailorder cupboard is cluttered with the remnants of past follies. So, it’s out with the old and in with the new, as we prepare for the arrival of new albums by Dingus Khan and Sealionwoman, by throwing away old albums by bands no one seems to like anymore. But, before we chuck 600 Waxing Captors CDs into a landfill, to leach contaminants into the Suffolk water table for decades to come, we are giving people the chance to find a home for these once-loved albums, before they are destroyed (along with the hopes and dreams of the bands that made them).

This is the perfect opportunity to invest in future collectibles, such as SuperGlu coloured vinyl, or to pick up s stylish, perfect-bound book and CD combo by Dorian Wood or Dead Rat Orchestra… Everything at half price*.

* Except The Ugly Truth About Ipswich compilation, but that’s still only 99p for 45 tracks on two CDs.