Dead Rat Orchestra and Sutari – Brexit balance

Brexit is quite a divisive subject in the UK and, like many organizations, we’re afraid of expressing an opinion about it, in case we alienate people who make up a valuable percentage of our market share. In the interest of balance, we’ll be presenting both sides in all future posts about Dead Rat Orchestra and Sutari’s Free Folk in Brexit Britain tour.

The Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union allows for the free movement of workers between member states, enabling Polish trio Sutari to perform in the UK without the need to obtain entry clearance from the Home Office or a work permit. People will come to the shows, generating revenue for the venues and the Exchequer, staff will be paid and our lives will be culturally enriched by a rare opportunity to experience novel interpretations of traditional Polish and Lithuanian folk songs, performed with egg whisks and a meat cleaver.

Or maybe we’re sick of foreign folk bands coming to this country, stealing jobs from hard-working British folk bands, claiming benefits from our English Arts Council, paid for by our British lottery money. They don’t bother learning the language, they sing everything in Polish and we can’t understand what the fuck they are on about. As soon as we take our country back, we’ll be able to go down the pub for a proper English knees-up to Snooker Loopy by Chas and Dave, on endless repeat, while our children rummage in bins for their dinner.

Dead Rat Orchestra and Sutari play:

10th July Colchester Arts Centre www.colchesterartscentre.com
11th July Norwich Arts Centre www.norwichartscentre.co.uk
12th July London Secret Outdoor Location! Bow E5 (Nest Collective) www.thenestcollective.co.uk
13th July Nottingham The Maze (Cultural Vibrations Promotions) www.themazerocks.com
14th July Hull The New Adelphi www.theadelphi.com
15th July Leeds Polish Centre (Mewl Music Promotions) www.mewlmusic.com
16th July Oxford Holywell Music Rooms (Oxford Contemporary Music) www.ocmevents.org

Foto: Aleksandra Gronowska