Sealionwoman return with Selkie – The Musical

The elusive Sealionwoman returns for a run of subterranean shows in the cavernous space below Waterloo Station, as part of Vault Festival 2016. The duo of Kitty Whitelaw and Tye McGivern presents Selkie – a mythical tale of interspecies love that will resonate with many in our beloved home town of Ipswich. However, unlike last year’s episode with the drummer of the 4130s, this tale is purported to be based only in myth. And no one was struck off the veterinary register as a result.

Selkie is a narrative concert, reimagining the fate of a Scottish crofter during the infamous highland clearances of nineteenth century, as he meets a magical seal and takes it for a wife. Needless to say, it ends badly. The tale is set to completely reworked score, drawing equally from the Celtic folk tradition and the duo’s dark jazz dronescapes.

The show takes place over five nights at the Vaults, starting Wednesday 17 February. Event details here.

Check out a clip from a rehearsal here.

Update: Here is a snap from the climax of the show, taken by Naomi Oppenheim.