The Waxing Captors


  • Format: CD
  • Cat: AR19
  • Released: 15 April 2010
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Party punk for the point at which the room starts spinning vertically and you find yourself having a Fear and Loathing moment in backwoods rural Suffolk. It’s the full-length debut album by The Waxing Captors – a “glorious pop-cacophony” indeed!

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It’s the full-length debut album by The Waxing Captors, recorded ten years after they first formed at school. Their decision to rein in the lo-fi aesthetic divided fans, but it also revealed the songs long-suspected to be underpinning the band’s scathing live onslaught. The album includes remastered versions of Shrinking Telephone and Jaywalkin’ Out Your Heart from their 2008 single on Lap Records and re-recordings of File Under Rock/Pop and Atolia of San Bernadino from their critically acclaimed self-released mini-album Fresleven’s Remains. It may have mystified the punks, but Pleasure! is still bursting with white hot post-punk riffing, daytime TV game-show keyboards, paranoid tales of alienation and blistering pop-rock anthems for Ritalin-popping housewives everywhere. This is available as a glass-mastered CD in a standard jewel-case, with four page colour booklet.

“When these guys make a noise it’s a pretty glorious pop-cacophony.… This is a big slab of fun, it’s filled with vigour and musical smarts and it’d be an undoubted blast to catch this band live. They manage to bottle that lightning on record, which is a rarity, and though some tracks flitter by making little impact, the bulk are little marvels. One of the better records I’ve heard this year.” – God is in the TV

“A hidden gem that far more people should be aware of… it’s been on more or less constant play and I find myself wondering why this has not received wider attention.” – Louder Than War (2014)