The Waxing Captors

Back to Birmingham

  • Format: CDR
  • Cat: AR71
  • Released: 23 July 2012
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3 track pro-duplicated CDr of blistering pop tunes and semi-parody Country and Western in a  laminated easy-wipe sleeve. A lovingly hand-assembled package, created as a homage to the Adam Stag Party Records of the 1970s.


Three track EP recorded at Monkey Puzzle House. Taken mostly from The Trip sessions, it also includes a rougher, more energetic mix of File Under Rock/Pop from the Pleasure! sessions a year earlier. Back to Birmingham remains a firm live favourite, whereas No Comprehende probably epitomises the grating cabaret punk that some critics find so annoying. This is a pro-duplicated, vinyl-effect CDr release with a professionally printed (but hand assembled) wipe-clean laminated card sleeve, featuring extremely stupid artwork. We made some of these to sell at shows and we still have a few left.

The digital download includes bonus track Polynesian Land, previously available only as the b-side to limited edition single, The Trip.

However, even with UK postage, the CDr is cheaper than the digital download. And you get to perv over Luke and Jack on the cover. Decisions… decisions…