MacGillivray – Watermarked in Flame out now

The new MacGillivray album is available now on limited edition CD, housed in an 8-page saddle-stitched booklet (148mm x 148mm, deluxe 280gsm Acquerello paper stock) and envelope.

Watermarked in Flame is a five-track mini-album, collecting together material from concert recordings, radio and film soundtrack work. Originally available digitally via MacGillivray’s bandcamp page, this new version has been completely remastered for CD by Eric James at Philosophers Barn Mastering and contains an alternate version of Border Darkness, recorded at Colchester Arts Centre with Alexis Thompson and tabla master Hardeep Deerhe.

Harrowing and hair-raising from the outset, but also intimate and profoundly moving, these live renditions imbue the songs with a visceral intensity sometimes absent from MacGillivray’s meticulously-arranged studio albums.  Despite the disparity of sources, Watermarked in Flame presents a cohesive overview of MacGillivray the performer, with contributors including Henry Olsen (who played on Screamadelica by Primal Scream, trivia fans). It is an album that stands up against anything in MacGillivray’s impressive back-catalogue.

“With flowing black robes and strawberry blond hair that falls to her waist she looks like a Thomas Malory heroine, piercing the Tuesday night crowd with a baleful glare and introducing her first song as the tale of a murdered mermaid. She then proceeds to scratch at her electric autoharp and then begins an anguished wail herself. The song seems less a tale of the murder and more field recordings of the event itself. It’s fair to say she has our attention.” – Colchester Gazette, 7th March, 2017