MacGillivray heads east

Kirsten Norrie will be invoking her MacGillivray persona for a short tour of eastern England, in support of her new mini-album Watermarked in Flame, out on antigen records next week.

Here are the dates:

– 15 March at Colchester Arts Centre, with Harpoon Group and Holkham (featuring Robin Alderton of Dead Rat Orchestra and Simon Keep of Fishclaw) and Iain Sinclair
– 16 March at The Smokehouse in Ipswich, with Sealionwoman and Polly Preacher
– 20 March at The Horse Hospital, London, with The Doomed Bird of Providence and Harpoon Group
– 25 March at Asylum Studios, Bentwaters, with Brigid Mae Power

The Horse Hospital event is the official launch of the album, but we’ll bring advance copies along to the shows in Colchester and Ipswich for those of you lucky enough to live in provincial East Anglia.