Henry Homesweet

Palm Trance

  • Format: CD
  • Cat: AR13
  • Released: 18 Jul 2008
  • Genre:
    • ,Electronic
    • ,Chiptune
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Debut full-length album by Felixstowe-born chip-tune prodigy Henry Homesweet, who has managed to play festival dates in Brazil and New York and to tour Australia, Europe the West Coast of America, while remaining virtually unknown to anyone over the age of 18.


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Seminal debut album from Felixstowe-born chiptune prodigy Henry Homesweet (or Tom Sherlock to his friends). Originally released in 2008, Palm Trance collects the best of his early period 8-bit anthems, inspired by the console music of his youth. Created using only a Nintendo Game Boy with Nanoloop 1.3 and Little Sound DJ, this album redefined what was possible with primitive tracking software and an 8-bit sound chip and established Henry Homesweet internationally as one of the foremost chip-music composers. Many of the tunes were popularised via MySpace in the mid-Noughties, allowing the music to reach an online community of hundreds of thousands of listeners worldwide. By the time he abandoned MySpace, Henry Homesweet had racked up more than 1.5 million plays and the exposure had enabled him to perform festivals in Brazil and New York and to tour Australia, Europe and the west coast of America, while remaining an enigma to anyone over the age of 18. Palm Trance is available as a glass-mastered CD in jewel case packaging with a four page booklet.

“Something about the music hooked me immediately. The songs burbled and bleeped like aliens desperately trying to get a message through. Some songs, like ‘Escape From IP1’ were swirling and insistent, the aural equivalent of spin art.” – New Yorker