Henry Homesweet is Tom Sherlock – a Norwich-based micro-musician whose work explores the musical potential of outmoded technology, in a bid to stimulate creativity through the technical limitations of obsolete hardware. In 2008, he released Palm Trance, a genre-defining chip-tune album, which consolidated his reputation as one of the foremost innovators in the emerging 8-bit music scene. It has given him the opportunity to take his music to live audiences all over the world, delivering eclectic live sets using Nintendo Game Boys as a substitute for DJ decks, cranking out lo-fi synchronized techno and electro direct from the chip.

“His songs are an immense blend between heavy disco harsh with some seriously blood pumping anthems in the mixer, what with “Until I Sleep”, “DanceFloor64” and the massively popular “Simple Pleasures” (which at the time of writing had over 300,000 listeners on MySpace). Henry can bring chiptunes to the mainstream in the UK” – The NPCs

Releases from Henry Homesweet