Dingus Khan

My Love Lasts Forever Like a Plastic Flower

  • Format: CD
  • Cat: AR149
  • Released: 10 October 2014
  • Genre:
    • ,Sweaty behemoth rock
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Experience Gaz Burney's everlasting digital love… or replicate the Dingus Khan live show in your living room. Or trying doing both at the same time.

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Dingus Khan – live at last! Now you can experience the sound without the smell. Enjoy the peerless pop mastery of Manningtree’s largest export, without having to expose your eyes to the monstrous spectacle of Mick Squalor, distorted under the stage lights, literally dripping with sweat and saliva, like a half-melted Ed Sheeran waxwork abandoned in a skip.

This is the only known recording of the band in its notorious eight-piece incarnation, performing songs from Support Mistley Swans, as well as the previously unreleased title track. Fully endorsed by Wilbur Alan Ltd and boasting conspicuously better production values than their critically-acclaimed debut album, this is a must for any self-respecting Dingus Khan fan.

Contains a 15cm square Tru-card multipurpose valentine/condolence card in a silver envelope, with a Gaz Burney Everlasting Digital Love Disc (which can also be used as an audio CD) and full instructions.

This EP is normally only available at their live shows, but we’ve picked up a few copies for people who may not want to get covered in sick.