These Are End Times

We Have Come So Far, It Is Over

  • Format: CD
  • Cat: AR31
  • Released: 14 May 2010
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Cinematic concept album with a high-concept pitch: traumatised Americans talk suicide over a stripped-down, motorik post-rock soundtrack. Its quiet-loud-LOUDER dynamic betraying the band's origins in the dark age of industrial metal. 



The post-rock tropes may be all present and correct, but there is scant time to play spot the reference, as this album kicks off with the singular intent to reaffirm the importance of rock in the post-rock modus operandi. There are the de rigeur audio clips from American documentaries, but the novel use of trumpet and flugel as lead instruments brings a new sonic dimension to the proceedings, providing a mournful elegiac quality to the quieter sections and a glorious fanfare for the frequent surges into full-on rock-outs. It comes as no surprise to find half of this band has a background rooted in industrial metal era Roadrunner Records. They know how to lay down a massive riff and deploy this to great effect throughout, especially in the monumental climax of Execution. This album was recorded and mixed at Monkey Puzzle House in Woolpit and benefited from the mastering expertise of Rupert Matthews. Available as a glass-mastered CD in a digipack sleeve.

“Challenging, uncompromising and compulsive” – Scanner Zine