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Dorian Wood comes armed with the charisma of a Pentacostal preacher, the voice of a soul diva and a repertoire of songs once described as marrying the “fevered spirituality of Southern gospel to the virtuosity of golden era Tin Pan Alley composers.”

Dorian’s work challenges the separation of artist and spectator, with visceral, fleshy and elaborately-choreographed videos and live performances, drawing on subject matter informed by their perspective as a non-binary person of colour.

Dorian’s breakthrough album, Rattle Rattle, was four years in gestation, finally emerging in 2013, freakish and fully formed, as a truly apocalyptic masterpiece of aural theatre. With over 65 musicians and a 45-member choir, it showcased the enormous breadth of Dorian’s work; from sparse elegiac ballads to demented Seventies rock operatic excess. The album XALÁ followed in 2017. Stripped-back, sung entirely in Spanish, with Dorian accompanied only by bass and percussion, it marked another fearless step forward from an artist either unwilling or incapable of compromise.

“A fearless artist and performer whose voice inhabits a room like a choir of ghosts… imbued with both bleeding rawness and dramatic flair.” – L.A. Weekly

Dorian’s other releases are essential listening and are available via Atonal Industries.

Photo credit: Zoe-Ruth Erwin.

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