Dorian Wood, enfant terrible of the Los Angeles arts scene, comes armed with the charisma of a Pentacostal preacher and the voice of a soul diva. His songs have been described as marrying the “fevered spirituality of Southern gospel to the virtuosity of golden era Tin Pan Alley composers” and he delivers them with elemental emotional fury. His new album, Rattle Rattle, four years in gestation, has emerged freakish and fully formed as a truly apocalyptic masterpiece of aural theatre. It showcases the enormous breadth of his work; from sparse elegiac ballads to demented Seventies rock operatic excess. Dorian Wood is surely destined to be a household name… hopefully it will be for his music.

“A fearless artist and performer whose voice inhabits a room like a choir of ghosts…the man’s work is imbued with both bleeding rawness and dramatic flair.” – L.A. Weekly

Dorian’s other releases are essential listening and are available via Atonal Industries.

Releases from Dorian Wood