Singer, songwriter, video artist, DJ, actor, nude model… John Callaghan is a renaissance man in a suitcase. A suitcase he brings to every performance, stuffed with tatty costumes for every song in his live repertoire. John is famed and feared for the crazed pantomime antics of his auto-karaoke show, but there is serious song-craft to offset the absurdity. John came to prominence in 1998 when he signed to the influential Warp Records. In 2009, his debut single was voted 56th most popular track ever released by Warp in their 20th anniversary listeners’ poll. In the same year, he was commissioned to re-imagine a track with Autechre for the Warp20 box-set. Despite this high profile attention, John has decided to follow the career path of most resistance and release his new album on antigen records.

“Eccentric and artfully pop songs that are high on classic pop melody, with plenty of smart electronic concepts and whimsical introverted lyrics. The tunes are all here, traces of Depeche Mode and the Beatles sit easily with Callaghan’s emotive experimentation.” – Warp Records

Releases from John Callaghan