Rory and Ned

Fighting Music

  • Format: CD
  • Cat: AR83
  • Released: 2 Nov 2013
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No-fi proto-punk primitivism from the World Capital City of Pop. It's the red raw debut album from Rory and Ned, Liverpool's biggest rock and roll duo (there are three of them). “One of the most potent and incendiary releases in many a long year” –Louder Than War.


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From the ‘World Capital City of Pop’ (Liverpool, according to the Guinness Book of Records) comes the long-awaited Rory and Ned debut album. Any worries that 12 months in the birthplace of the Beatles might have taught them how to write a pop song are quickly dispelled by the opening bars of Outside and Work and any lingering doubts are crushed at the end by the pulverising cacophony of poorly hidden bonus track Look Like You Enjoy It. This is riotous pre-punk primitivism, stripped down with rough edges so abrasive the listener may be left feeling slightly chafed by the experience. This is lo-fi, bordering on no-fi. When Edison played back his first cylinder recording in 1877, he could scarcely have imagined the sound of Rory and Ned emerging from a compact disc 136 years later… or that the sound quality would not have substantially improved. Some tracks are so overloaded with mic distortion, we are forced once again to issue the disclaimer: your CD is not broken – it really is supposed to sound like that.

Fighting Music features BBC Introducing favourite and sold-out debut single Man Slag. It is a glass mastered CD in a four panel digipack sleeve.

“One of the most potent and incendiary releases in many a long year; this isn’t folk, this is some of the most deranged blues ever captured on record.” – Louder Than War

“Yes, an entire album of Rory and Ned. It is here. It is Fighting Music. It is the greatest. Fighting Music is lo-fi heaven. A 7 track onslaught of shouting, screaming, pounding and thrashing.” – Grapevine