Suffolk-born best friends Rory and Ned are two good-time song-and-dance men on a mission to bring bewilderment to the music-loving masses, with their peculiar blend of tender acoustic balladry and wanton fret-mangling amateurism. In 2012, the boys put a pin in a map and moved to Liverpool with a three-year plan to become rock and roll stars. They have dumped their baggage to play stripped-down, no-fi proto-rock with drum-busting vocals familiar to anyone who’s been shouted at by a drunk in a kebab shop at 3am. Critics have initially wondered if they formed a band first and began to learn to play their instruments as an afterthought, but the haters will be silenced by the deafening arrival of the Rory and Ned rock and roll show.

“Rory & Ned sound so fresh, so damn urgent – the roots of their music maybe the DNA of rock ‘n’ roll but this is their own modern interpretation – simple, raw, and brilliant.” – Louder Than War

“They have a reckless, anarchic stage presence and their playing is endearingly slap-dash. They are the precise polar opposite of those boring fuckers who sit in their bedrooms uploading videos to YouTube with titles like ‘Sweep-Picked Arpeggio String Skipping Exercises, part 9?. Most songs revolve around a single riff looped endlessly, with guitar solos that mainly consist of two alternating notes. And it is brilliant.” – Mangoneblog