The ever-reliable Urban Dictionary defines a “dingus khan” as a person whose actions call into question their mental capacity and/or a monstrously large penis… A description so apt, it almost renders obsolete any need for a press release.

Dingus Khan are sweaty, swan-bothering border folk from the Stour, fronted by something called Mick Squalor – a proto-human missing link between homo sapiens and arboreal primates. The band shot from obscurity to less-obscurity in 2012 with their demented murder ballad Knifey Spoony. With two further singles under their belt, a Maida Vale session for Steve Lamacq, festival appearances at Leeds and Reading, Bestival and Latitude and an Artrocker endorsed album-of-the-month on the critically acclaimed Fierce Panda Records, the band found themselves poised on the cusp of international fame.

The next logical career step was to release a single on one of the UK’s most obscure independent labels.

“Everything that’s wrong with modern day pre-packaged music isn’t wrong with Dingus Khan.” – Nitrospective

“Sounds like drunken pub karaoke shouted over a jam session from the cast of Stomp – if this is appealing to you, you probably don’t deserve ears.” – Already Heard