SPORE Art Salon features Sealionwoman

2014-04-29_SLW Spore

Sealionwoman perform live for the first ever virtual edition of the SPORE Art Salon, featuring performances streamed live from the UK, US and Singapore. This edition also features Ryan Daniel Beck (performer/choreographer), Ng Yi-Sheng (poet/writer) and Pereira Irving Paul (multi-disciplinary artist).

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Sealionwoman and Ichi at Komedia


Sealionwoman return to Komedia in Brighton for a show on 24 April with the marvellous Ichi and Rachael Dadd. Those of you who came along to Cafe Oto in February of last year, when Daniel Merrill presented Egyptian rock giants Massar Egbari, may remember Ichi playing percussion with support act Will Newsome. This will not prepare you for the batshit zaniness of his own work. I submit a still from a recent video as illustration.

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Rory and Ned hit the trail

2014-05-09_Rory and Ned at JPS

Rory and Ned (and Sam) hit the road for a handful of dates in April and May, including a triumphant return to the Liverpool Tattoo Convention, where they ripped it up in 2013.

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Dead Rat Orchestra in the Wire

2014-04-16_DRO Wire

Long-overdue critical recognition for the Dead Rat boys, as Clive Bell reports on their Rough Music show at the Ovada Warehouse in Oxford in Wire issue 363. "The Dead Rats, barefoot and bearded, have cast aside all cool.... their performance stands vigorously on its own strange legs" They have indeed cast aside all cool.

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Woodland Recordings at 50

2014-04-14_Woodland Recordings 50

We must offer our hearty congratulations and a big shout-out to fellow label Woodland Recordings, who release a new ultra limited edition box-set of five CDRs, in exceptionally elaborate packaging, to celebrate their 50th release. 50 - the beautiful physical object - is already sold out, but you can still download the entire audio content for the absolute bargain price of 5 euros from Bandcamp.

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Dorian Wood in the Huffington Post again

2014-04-09_Dorian Wood O

They just can't get enough of Dorian Wood in the Huffington Post. They have interviewed him again; this time about his new video for O - the epic final song on his Rattle Rattle masterpiece. Slightly subverting the song's apocalyptic theme, the video has Dorian dressing up as Lana Del Ray and Beyonce.

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